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Originally Posted by JakodaCD OA View Post
I see from your first post she was 6 weeks old on 10/29, so she's about 7 weeks now?

She isn't going to listen to a thing you say She's a baby who has the attention span of a gnat, is biting like crazy because that's what they do, and having been taken away to young from mom and littermates, well she probably hasn't learned any bite inhibition yet ..

You can't be harsh with a 7 week old puppy who knows no better. Find appropriate things for her to chew on, and redirect. Or wear a bite suit ))

These dogs do not come pre trained, and right now, again, you have a baby, who knows no better.

You were posting when I was, to add, carry around some yummy SMALL treat tidbits, and use this as a reward for good behaviors/training .
This exactly. She's too young to really know any better. Try positively reinforcing the behaviors you like with small treats like Jakoda said, or praise. Even toys (depending on what she's most driven by). And try not to snap on/at her. As Jakoda said, she's a baby and doesn't know better. When you snap it really just batters her confidence in herself and you.
If you get too frustrated, try removing yourself from the situation for a few moments to calm back down. (:

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