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Need Some Advice: What to do with puppy during the day?

I NEED some advice of what to do with my 8 month pup during the day while I am at school and also when I am doing some other activity that does not involve him.

I have tried having him on a zip line outside, well he broke it. I tried having him on a 30 foot training leash outside, he snapped it in half. I tried having him in my room and he would scratch at the door, chew up the carpet, or grab things off shelf's, and would never settle down.

I have resulted to keeping him in an extra large crate now. (Yes, he is having exercise sessions during the day and is taken outside often to go potty and drink water). He also has several toys and rawhide bones in his crate. His crate is only place where he is calm and peaceful.

I feel really bad and guilty about having him in a crate all day long, but just do not know what else to do with him. I feel if I buy an oustide kennel, he will just bark all day and not be happy (I don't think the neighbors will be happy either).

What do you guys do with your young pups when you are not involved with them? Any suggestions would be really appreciated!



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