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Originally Posted by lhczth View Post
IMO the best breeders are those that work their GSD and breeding is just something they do along the way. You need knowledge and you get knowledge by doing. I don't mean breeding. I mean by training, working, spending time around good dogs, and doing real stuff with your dogs. Until you know good dogs, it is next to impossible to make sound breeding decisions. You will also find that over the years, the more dogs you own, the more you work, the more experience you gain, that you will look at your first dogs much differently.

When I was looking for my first GSD I told the breeder that I was interested in breeding some day. She didn't freak, but then the climate was different back then. She was also German so had a different mind set about breeding. I never bred that dog. Didn't breed the second, third or forth. Took me a long time to find that special dog that I felt would contribute to the breed.

So, take your time, never lower your standards just to sell puppies and don't expect your first dog to be that special dog.
I think that is a really unfortunate choice of words. While my first dog my not have been breedworthy he was special -in a lot of ways. Don't really think a dog has to be breedworthy or a schutzhund dog to be special
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