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Medo Aritar Bastet - BH Video

I might be playing with fire posting my BH video (or rather part of it), but I guess I like to live on the wild side!

I figured no point in boring you guys with our entire routine, so here's our off-leash heeling with a little extra to fill the void and make the video go as long as the song I wanted to use I'm sure there is a smoother way to make this all go together, but it was my first time ever adding audio to a video.

I didn't have any clue how he would be in a real trial atmosphere (you can't practice for nerves!). I think with my butterflies going on Medo thought he was coming out for protection so he was high as a kite. So he was forging throughout most of the routine, making our turns pretty sloppy. Sits were slow. On the recall, the dog doing the long down broke his can see Medo turn his head....he skipped that silly little "front" and went right to a finish. Not sure if the other dog breaking his down played a part in that or not. It is what it is....either way I am overall happy with how it all went.

PHEW. It's over and now (hopefully) onto the 1 in the spring!

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