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Originally Posted by Jax08 View Post
Thank you mysweetkaos. I wonder if her kidney function will recover some when the teeth are gone and the toxins are removed from her system. I hope so. I'm sure she'll feel better. She was boxing DH and Jax this morning before we left.
It would stand to reason that once her kidneys are not having the extra toxin from her teeth that that energy could go elsewhere. I used to work as a nurse (before I became caretaker to 3 kids and 2 dogs) So from human standpoint yes it would help. I did my grandpa's dialysis for a few years, so I know a "little" about kidneys. As for food....I don't know much. I know wellness core is high in protien, but not sure on phosphorus looks like you feed raw I have beyond no knowledge, if that's possible Isn't it nice to see when our seniors get crazy bursts of energy....sounds silly but nothing makes me happier than watching Kaos chase Sherman and trying to fit his whole head in his mouth, that means it's a good day!!
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