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Re: Age to Neuter?

^^^When you say your other dogs had problems because of being neutered, are you talking about behavior problems or health problems?

Because I have two males who were both neutered at six months. I rescued them as puppies and it was required as part of the adoption and I haven't had any behavior problems with them at all. They are good with dogs, cats, kids. They get along with male and female dogs. I haven't had any dominance issues with them because I am the pack leader and they know it. They've never had a fight with other dogs or each other. They are seven and four years old and I've had them both since 9/10 weeks old. I socialized the heck out of them.

If you're talking about health issues, you may have a Mine both have allergies. One with food and the other to life. Heh. I've dealt with hemotomas, chronic skin infections, back problems, etc. Although, I'm not sure that has anything to do with whether they were neutered or not. Don't know.
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