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Re: Proper Exercise for puppies

my puppy came home at 9 weeks old. i think we started the stairs
at 10 weeks or 11 weeks. coming up the steps i would put him
on the 3rd step from the top and let go from there. going down the steps i put him on the 3rd from the bottom and let
him go from there. we slowly starting adding more steps.

his walks were very short. he definitely wasn't going a mile at
10 or 11 weeks old. my Vets office is 1 mile from our house. one day we had to walk home from the Vets office. my puppy just stopped and flopped. he also got a little abrasion on his pad. from that day on i took it very easy on him. my the time he was 6 months old we were walking miles. he's now 2 years old and he can
go 5 miles with no problem. we walk in the woods a lot
so my dog has to jumps over things, crawl under things and climb
some steep inclines.

i don't know when they're able to do what but i
don't push my dogs early on. i let them work up to going
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