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Default Re: Please Remember

Please do not put *<u>Urgent</u>* in the title as all dogs are ugent or they would not be in this section. The same reasoning is why we do not want GSD in title. No need and a waste of valuable space. Instead put some info on the dog such as good with children. If there is no other info available then just leave the space empty.

Do not put the title of your thread in all CAPS. Very distracting and no it doesn't make more people read your thread.

Some poster may know all the local AS names and where they are located but many of us do not. Please, list the city where the dog is located as people can look that up on a map.

While it is heartbreaking for all the dogs in urgent situations please don't post mixes. Our goal is to save and place in a good home as many GSDs as possible.

The reason that we have rules on the way titles are formatted is to make them all consistent and easy to read. People with limited time can skim down and check out the dogs in their areas or in those areas where they can offer help.

When all titles are posted under one format we can spot duplicates very easily.

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