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Default Re: Please Remember

We are getting duplicate threads again. This is why it is so very important that everyone follow the format when starting a thread in Urgent.

City, State - ID # and Name, Sex and age, any other detail you would like to give.

Please give City if known instead of County.

Original Posters, also it would be a great help if everyone made a committment to the dog that they list. If on PetFinder go and check once a day - no less than every other day - and see if the dog is still listed there. I have taken a dog out of Urgent that had been adopted for several days and people where still bumping the thread to the top.

This area needs to be streamlined and up-to-date on info. Since we all know that there are thousands of PB shepherds in shelters on any given day the #s of dogs listed is not the most important thing here. A committment to help those that are listed should be the top priority.
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