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Default Re: Our Dogs Menus

Ris is a 45-lb spayed mutt and is pretty active. She gets 1-1.5 lbs of food a day fed in one meal.

Though she is currently being treated for SIBO (and thus her normal routine has been altered) I'll post what 'normal' was for her before she got sick.

When I bring the meat home, I divide it up into one meal portions to make it easier to serve later. Most of her portions are eyeballed but I generally weigh muscle meat and pork neck before I freeze it.

Chicken quarters, pork neck, pork ribs, chicken breast (bone-in), chicken drumsticks, chicken thighs, chicken wings, turkey quarters, turkey wings, turkey drumsticks, Cornish game hens.

Beef heart, ground turkey, ground beef, chicken breast, cannned Jack Mackeral, Tilapia (we'll be trying this soon), turkey gizzards, chicken heart, chicken gizzards, ground bison.

Beef liver, chicken liver, beef kidney.


Hot dogs, string cheese, Natural Balance Lamb and Rice roll, meat baby food, Zuke's Salmon Treats, carrots, ice cubes, apple, banana.

Most meals I don't need to alter in any way. But if she is having chicken quarters or drumsticks, I have to smash the ankle joint with a rubber mallet first. If I don't, I usually see it again on my carpet the next day.
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