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Here's what I feed my 75 lb neutered male GSD, age estimated at 8, low activity level. Could probably stand to gain a couple pounds. Just started raw a couple weeks ago, so variety will increase gradually.

am: about 14 oz RMBs. Chicken backs are the staple, canned or whole frozen/thawed mackeral once a week or so.

pm: 8 oz of MM. Staples are ground beef and chicken hearts & lungs; he'll get chicken liver occasionally.

Other stuff:
- eggs once or twice a week
- veggie mush with the pm MM a few times a week. With the veggie mush, I mix yogurt, apple cider vinegar and cod liver oil.
- our leftover cooked eggs and meat... just as a treat.
- pig ears and chicken breast jerky are his other treats.

I can pretty much eyeball weights based on what it says on the package, but I 'spot check' sometimes. I do that with my own food, too! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/01_smile.gif[/img]
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