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Re: Our Dogs Menus

I feed 6 shelties (weights are from 22 - 27 lbs), and 1 growing GSD (15 months). All dogs are very active, and compete/train in agility and obedience.

RMB's are fed 4 - 5 mornings a week and consist of turkey necks. Shelties get 4 - 6 oz, and GSD gets 18 - 20 oz.

Meat meals are fed the remaining 9 - 10 meals a week and consist of ground meat (beef or turkey), sweet potato, beef heart, squash, eggs, ground veggies (romaine, celery, spinach). Shelties get 2 - 3 oz ground meat, 2 oz beef heart, 2 - 3 oz sweet potato, 1 TBS squash and veggies and eggs 3 times a week. The GSD gets 8-10 oz ground meat, 4 - 6 oz beef heart, 6 - 8 oz sweet potato,3 TBS veggies, 2 TBS squash, and an egg each day.
Extras - 1 - 2 times per week - beef liver, tripe, canned salmon, cooked tilapia or whiting filets, and I will occasionally add oysters, sardines or jack mackerel.
Supplements - daily - vit e (shelties vit e 100 iu, GSD 400 iu) oil (rotate between salmon oil, sardine oil, evening primrose or flax), and all get either Glyco Flex I or II (older ones get II).
Several times a week they get a green blend, a vitamin B complex, and antioxidant supplement and once a week they get a multi-vitamin/mineral.
I will feed kibble meals once or twice a week (rotate between proteins I don't normally feed, and will add canned food that is mostly meat).
I am sure I am forgetting something!

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