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Zeus - 9 yr old neutered German Shepherd, 90 pounds, low activity level.
AM - 8 oz RMBs & 4 oz MM, 1/2 Banana, Tablespoon plain yogurt.
PM 8 oz RMBs & 4 oz MM, 1/2 can veggies
RMBs - chicken leg quarters/backs/necks, tilapia, canned mackerel,
MM - ground wild game (mixture of rabbit, venison, bear, ostrich, etc.)
Misc - eggs, cottage cheese (small amounts)
Supplements - Salmon oil (Omega 3s), vitamin C, vitamin E, Glucosamine (Grand Flex)
Veggies - No salt added canned green beans, carrots, peas, beats (to make him feel full, it's a constant battle keeping him lean).
Limitations - None

My 50 pound female pup Lowen is on the same plan but without the Grand Flex. Her amounts will be increasing soon (she is LEAN and high energy).
- Zahar vom Leerburg "Lowen"
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