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Our Dogs Menus

Since we've had so much interest in raw diets in the last few weeks I thought it might be helpful, for those new to the idea, to see what the more experienced people do.

So - let's see the details. You can list all your dogs or just one or two. List the dogs age, current weight, activity level and then tell us what you are feeding. List the type of item (RMB, MM, OM, veggies, etc.), how much of each item (say whether you estimate or weigh everything) and any supplements (and why).

I'll start. This covers what they were eating last month. I weigh everything.

Riggs - 10 yr old neutered German Shepherd, 75 pounds, average activity level.
AM - 9 ounces RMBs, PM 8 ounces MM & 1 ounce OM
RMBs - chicken leg quarters/backs/necks, tilapia, pork rib tips, canned mackerel, turkey necks, pork necks, lamb necks
MM - beef heart, ground turkey, pork hearts, lamb trim
OM - liver, kidney
Misc - green tripe, eggs, oatmeal (if I forget to defrost something)
Supplements - Salmon oil (Omega 3s)
Limitations - None

Tazer - 8 yr old neutered Cocker Spaniel, 25 pounds, above average activity level (especially during coursing season)
AM - 5 ounces RBMs (day after coursing - 6.5 ounces)
PM - 5 ounces MM (day after coursing - 6 ounces) & .5 ounce OM
RMBs - same as Riggs but large items are chopped into smaller pieces
MM - beef and pork hearts 90% of the time (for the taurine - he's epileptic), lamb trim (especially after coursing days)
OM - liver (he doesn't like kidney)
Misc - green tripe, eggs
Supplements - Salmon oil (Omega 3s), multi-vitamin (because of his seizures)
Limitations - NO large amounts of grains (he can have treats)
Special Note - Tazer sometimes has trouble keeping weight on during coursing season - even when he's not running

Winnie - 8 yr old spayed Corgi mix, 25 pounds, average activity level
AM - 4.5 ounces RBMs
PM - 4 ounces MM & .5 ounce OM
RMBs - same as above but NO turkey necks and everything has to be chopped tiny (she's a gulper)
MM - Same as Riggs
OM - liver & kidney
Misc - green tripe, eggs, oatmeal
Supplements - Salmon oil (Omega 3s)
Limitations - none
Special Note - Winnie puts on weight just LOOKING at food so we monitor her very closely
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