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Re: Agility in the 'real' world (Amaruq!)

I actually don't have photos though I did do a movie of it a long long time ago and sent to America's Funniest home video and this was before agility even existed but Tawny did all the playground equipment including the ladder which was an actual rung ladder. A few years later along came "real" agility and she never had any fear of any of the obstacles because of her agility in the "real" world. Such wonderful memories you have brought back of our wonderful girl. That being said even though agility was around for her girls I still taught them all at the local playground to do the swing bridges and climb the ladders and slide down the slides. I actually just watched these old movies the other day and I laughed when I realized Tawny actually would lay her arms down on the slide and pusshhhhhhh to get a good speed going....
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