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Default Re: Agility in the 'real' world (Amaruq!)

I gots some more to add! Just took 'em today. And this is with my 'I don't like new things' dog. She did EXCELLENT! Did everything I asked without being shaken up.

The draw bridge (which, I honestly didn't even think she'd get on, let alone walk across):

Up on the slide (We couldn't go down the slide because all the ladders up to them weren't dog-friendly):

We do have agility classes out here but Ris' trainer doesn't think she's ready (I've been trying to prepare her on my own). Then again, I didn't think Ris would jump up onto the slide either. Especially after the first time when she slid off backwards. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/10_eek.gif[/img] She still went back up when I asked without a second thought.
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